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Subject: 5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message
Date: November 27th 2017

Chromebooks are being sent home this evening.   We learned how to write a standard 5 paragraph persuasive essay in class, and students wrote one on a topic of their choice.  Then, they were asked to create one during class last Friday.  Some students did an amazing job.  Others, may need to polish a few things.

Their assignment is to open Google Classroom, read the comments I have given them.  Make changes if needed, then use the 'target' worksheet to identify parts of essay writing that they can do.  We were not able to cover everything on the list!  They know the criteria I am looking for, we've been over it several times.

We once more discussed being a responsible, mature user or technology.  As a 'heads up', the number one problem I have found with students taking computers home is, students stay up too late on their Chromebook.  This issue was addressed, I am hoping you will help with that as well! (Thanks!)\

Your kids are great and I thoroughly enjoy them!  I am glad to have them back. ☺

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