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Subject: 1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message
Date: February 27th 2018

Business Supplies:

We are getting the businesses organized, and these are some of the supplies we need.  In past years, the parents have a been a big help with donations.  I'll buy whatever I need to, but I always appreciate any help you can give!  You can send them any time.  We'll begin making the products this week and open the stores next week.

  • Elmer's Glue (large containers for making Slime)
  • Clear laundry detergent
  • White card stock
  • Legos (variety of pieces, including wheels and steering wheels)
  • Nail polish
  • Nail stickers
  • Paper shape cutouts (For gluing onto paper)
  • Blank stickers in circle or rectangle shapes (big enough to draw on)
  • disposable bowls
  • disposable spoons
  • disposable gloves
  • sandwich size ziplock baggies

I also need some food products, but these may be difficult to send with the students:

  • milk
  • heavy cream
  • sugar
  • vanilla
  • cocoa
  • fruit puree (strawberry and other flavors)
  • coconut milk (canned)
  • rice milk
  • ice cream cones
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