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Subject: 4-Mrs. Chamber’s 4th Grade Class Message
Date: August 19th 2018

rGood Evening 4th Grade Familiesheart

     Sorry the email is late.  Today we helped our second son, Ian, move out and picked up our first son, Tyler, and our daughter in law, Elizabeth, up from the airport after their honeymoon.  It was a BIG day for the Chambers!  I hope that your weekend went well.

     Tomorrow begins Week #3 of 4th grade.  In addition to homework being completed and assignment notebook being signed, please look over Week #1's quizzes and please sign each one so that I know you have seen your child's work and have gone over every mistake for extra practice.  Your child should return their signed quizzes on Tuesday to school along with their homework.  I will check to see their signatures and then give them back to your child to take home again.  Last Friday's tests will be graded this week and returned a week from tomorrow.  So one week of grades is in the gradebook for Skyward.  You can look them up online.

     I want to "THANK" all of you who attended Back To School Night.  Every time you make the time to come to school, it shows your child that you support and care about their education.  For those that did not make it, I sent home your child's Star Reading and Math scores for the beginning of the year so that you are informed.  I also sent home the packet I talked about with Teacher Roles, Student Roles, and Parent Roles.  

     Soon, I will send home a flyer asking you to give three times that you can meet with me and your child for Parent / Teacher Conferences on September 17th.  Please be thinking about this.  I need EVERY parent to signup because I need to meet with all of your to set goals together for your child.  I will then pick one of those times to meet and send a slip home with your child to confirm the time chosen. 

     I sent everyone my cell #.  Please don't hesitate to text me, send me a dojo message, or email me when you need to.  Have a great week.

     God's Blessings,

     Felicia Chambers

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