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Date: August 12th 2018

Good Afternoon 4th Grade Familiesheart

     Welcome to 4th Grade at Crestview Elementary.  This past week, we started the learning process slowly.  On Friday, we successfully took our first quizzes on Predicting and Questioning in the reading process and Place Value to the hundreds in math.  We took a quiz over the tools that scientist use in an investigation after reading about them, seeing videos about them, and using them in our Gizmo experiments.  We mapped the 7 continents and 4 oceans of the world and the studies language and grammar.  

     I am so proud of "every" students' effort this week.  We know that everything is hard before it gets easy.  That was our saying of the week.  This week, we will be studying having strong connections to our reading and analyzing the characters and setting in our Porpoises in Peril book.  In math, it gets more difficult because we move on to the thousands block in place value and begin working in our math book.  In science, we begin to study the investigation process, and in social studies, we divide each continent into countries.  

     Homework is a chance for your child and you to connect and work together to master the skills taught in class.  Please look over your child's homework and check each answer in math, listen to them read in their book, and have them look over their daily math review and daily language review.  If they study each night , they will do well on Friday quizzes.

      I can't wait to see you on Thursday evening at 6 for 'Back to School Night" where I will speak about mastering the standards , the new ILearn test, and give you your child's current reading and math levels.  I have not sent you my cell number yet because it takes a while to get everyone in; however, look for me sending you a text this week.  You are welcome to text me for any concerns or shout outs.  I will also send you pictures from time to time of your child in the classroom.  

     Tuesday is Chile Verde Night.  I look forward to talking to you all this week.  It is a chance for you to see your child's classroom and hear about their experiences.  

     Have a blessed week,

Felicia Chambers

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