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5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent December 11th 2017

Dear Parent, If everything goes according to plan; tomorrow, we be doing a science experiment using hydrogen peroixode. Hydrogen peroixde will stain clothes, so please help your student with their selection of shoes and clothes tomorrow! As a class, they have proven themselves to be responsible, respectful and safe.  I don't forsee any problems, just wanted you to be aware! As always, thanks for sharing you students with us!  We enjoy them. Libby Murphy ...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent November 27th 2017

Chromebooks are being sent home this evening.   We learned how to write a standard 5 paragraph persuasive essay in class, and students wrote one on a topic of their choice.  Then, they were asked to create one during class last Friday.  Some students did an amazing job.  Others, may need to polish a few things. Their assignment is to open Google Classroom, read the comments I have given them.  Make changes if needed, then use the 'target' worksheet to identify parts of essay writi...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent September 5th 2017

Parent Teacher Conferences are coming!  Monday, September 18 between 11:30 and 7:00 pm.  Conferences are scheduled every 15 minutes. If you already know a time you would prefer, please send in a note ASAP and I will sign you up immediately. If you know that day will not work for you to come in, but would like a phone conference, please send in a time between 11:30 and 7 that you will be available along with a number for me to contact you. I look forward to seeing you.  It is my goal to have students l...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent August 29th 2017

Hello Families! I had a problem with the copy machine today.  Your students weren't too sad, because it was their homework that didn't get copied.  It should be ready for tomorrow!  Remind them, if they forgot, they still have reading they can do. I will be asking what page they are on! - I didn't get to it today, so I'm expecting to be impressed tomorrow. Just a reminder, Friday is the field trip to Connor Prairie.  Students and adults will need lunches.  We are asking everyo...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent August 21st 2017

We had a great time viewing the solar eclilpse this afternoon.  Everyone was acting as mature young men and women. I was very proud of each of them Just wanted to let you know! ...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent August 19th 2017

Hello Families! Thank you so much to all of you who made it to Back to School Night!  It is always a pleasure to get to speak with you in person. Last week, we began reading the novel, "The Spadefoot Toad",  using a new academic vocabulary word- 'impact', rounding decimals, recognizing the need for editing in our writing, a little geography and...The upcoming Solar Eclipse!  Your student should be able to tell you at least five  new things they learned about this important event,...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent May 25th 2017

Well, it's all over for another year. Thank you for sharing your children with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the year with them.  They made me so incredibly proud by hosting a field day for the first graders. You would have thought they put on events like this every day! Their leadership and communication skills were spot on! If you haven't filled out the RSVP online, please do so at our Crestview homepage.  It helps us plan for next year! Feel free to unsubscribe to this listserv, as our year is o...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent May 3rd 2017

I am so sorry!  Communication night is one week from today!! My last message was in error! Wednesday, May  10! ...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent May 3rd 2017

Hello Families, I wanted to let you know of an excellent summer opportunity coming your way.  Robotics camp is begin offered to your student. This camp is offered in other townships for three times the cost!  I knew of some students who may be interested and handed literature to them today.  If you think your child might be interested, please have them get a brochure tomorrow! Don't forget, a week from tomorrow is Communication Night. We will have one group give a performance at the opening of the ...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent April 6th 2017

Good Morning! I was checking homework assignments this morning.  Students were asked to take home their Chromebook and write 5 of their 10 vocabulary words in a sentence.  Then, they were to share it with me.   This morning, I have less than 1/3 of the class who shared the assignment.  Of those, only 1 actually has 5 sentences, everyone else has merely one or two sentences.   If your student was on his/her Chromebook last night, would you have a conversation with them about exactly what they...

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