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5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent October 29th 2018

If you recall, I sent Chromebooks home with students on Friday to complete a project.  _7_ students completed the assignment.  They had already done all the research and only had to copy it onto a book.  I had lots of shocked young men and women when they found out it had to be finished at their recess time.  This was the one they had all lasts week to complete.  Several students chose to finish tonight at home.  If your student was one of the 7, be PROUD!  I certainly am.  ...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent October 26th 2018

Hello Everyone!    I wanted to let you know that Chromebooks went home this weekend! The students were asked to work on an "Explorers Project" this week during our humanities block.  While several are very close to being finished, some have a lot of work to do.  For this reason, I allowed everyone to take their Chromebook home to finish the project and turn it in Monday.  I have a checklist, a student rubrik and a teacher rubrik- a 'scale' that shows the criteria for the proje...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent September 21st 2018

Students took home their Social Studies book for the weekend.  Their Native American project is due next Friday.  They wrote a letter to you about the project and the learning they achieved this week. The letter is inside their textbook.  From the quick checks I made as they were writing, their letters looked amazing!! Make sure you take a look at your students. As always, thanks for your help. The students are making great progress. I am very proud of the growth they are making! ...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent September 10th 2018

Two important things went home today.   1. Conference confirmation.  I sent out a schedule of those who signed up for conferences.  Please sign that you have seen this and have your student return it tomorrow.  If you haven't signed up, please feel free to sign your name on one of the open slots.  If you are  not able to attend, simply write that you would prefer a phone conference along with the best number and time to reach you. 2. Our first project.  Native American Shel...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent September 5th 2018

Parent teacher conference sign up slips went out today!  Please check your first, second and third choice so I can accomondate your schedule! If you just can not make it in, please note that you would prefer a phone conference and return your child's slip with a time that I could call you for a quick update on their progress.  It's a joy to work with your students.  Thanks so much for sharing them with us! ...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent August 16th 2018

Good Morning Families! We've gotten off to a great start in fifth grade.  I look forward to seeing many of you this evening at back to school night starting at 6:00 with a repeat at 7:00 Just in case you haven't seen the purple sheet that was sent home last week, we are getting signatures for students to _particate _  in health pro ed- a company who comes to speak teach healthy relationships, reproductive health and HIV AIDS.  In the past you've only signed these if you did not want yo...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent April 8th 2018

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! As I was going through the assignments from last week, I noticed a particularly high number of students who did not complete their Pearson Assignment this week.  It may be that your student just needs to hit submit!  If they're able, it would help greatly if they could finish the assignment and hit submit today rather than waiting for school tomorrow! Students love their recess time, and this is when I will have to have them complete it.   It would also give you a...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent February 1st 2018

Valentine's Day Celebration!  Yes, we will be having one in our classroom Wednesday, February 14.  Those who would like, students  may decorate a box, bag or large envelope to bring Valentines home.  A class list is provided below.  Students may bring in Valentines for friends.  Our celebration will be a "Valentine in a Bag" concept.  Here's how it goes... On Tuesday, February 13, I will send home a paper bag with your student.  They are to decorate it, if they...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent January 12th 2018

Good Afternoon!  I hope the snow day didn't interrupt your childs learning!  Many students took their Chromebook home in order to practice math using Khan Academy.  Long division and Subtracting mixed numbers with borrowing were two long involved processes which students were still struggling.  Please ask them and encourage them to use this incredibly valuable resource during this extended break from school!  Your children have been working very hard this week on mastering these skills. I...

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

Sent January 9th 2018

Hello Families!  We, the Crestview family, are trying to plan a career day for the end of February.  If anyone has a career they are willing to come in to talk to our students about, we would LOVE to have you.  Please contact me whenever you can. Thanks! ...

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