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1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent October 18th 2017

Dear Families, I have heard from several of you about the difficulty of Monday's math homework.  Please do NOT worry about completing the back page!  Some of the problems asked the students to regroup when we are just beginning 2 digit addition.  Most were not ready for that.  As long as they have the problems on page 127 done, I will count the assignment as complete. Sincerely, Mrs. Miller ...

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent September 25th 2017

Math Fact Fluency Dear Families, We are starting at home math fact practice.  Look for the letter and first set of facts to come home tomorrow.  Be sure that your child knows each fact in about _one second_ before letting me know that they are ready to be tested.  Students who cannot say each fact in about _one second_, will have the same facts returned for more practice.  Students who pass the level will get the next level sent home to work on. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank...

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent September 19th 2017

Families, I am sending home directions on how to log in to Lexia.  I'll also explain it here.  Please let me know if it works.   [*]ltschools.org [*]Students [*]Single Sign-On Resource Portal (2 times) [*]Login/Password [*]Lexia Core5 123 ...

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent September 6th 2017

_Four Things:_ [*]Conferences will be held on Monday, September 18.  Yesterday I sent home a sign up sheet.  The sooner you return it, the sooner I can guarantee your choice of times.  :) [*]Our math first math test is this Friday.  By making sure your child completes Tuesday's homework, you are helping him/her practice for the test. [*]We started Daily Language Review this week.  Be sure to look at the back side of the DMR's to check over those language skills before Friday's ...

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent August 30th 2017

Dear Parents, Today we worked on writing numbers that are greater than or less than other numbers.  The kids enjoyed it so much that they asked for homework.  Now, I am not requiring them to complete it and turn it in, but I will never deny a student an opportunity to learn more when they are asking for it!!  So, I gave an extra homework paper to everyone who wanted one.  I just wanted to be sure you understood why it was there.   ...

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent August 9th 2017

Lexia News: Several students have told me that Lexia is not working.  When I looked into the program, I discovered that all the passwords have been deleted, and I don't have the clearance to change them.  This must be done at the administration level.  Now, I am waiting to find out when this will be done.  I'll let you know when the program  becomes accessible to you at home. ...

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent August 3rd 2017

Dear Families, We had a fabulous first day!  If your child doesn't have much to tell you, ask them about our class rules that we created, the book called First Day Jitters (with a surprise ending), or the pictures they drew of themselves. Breakfast was a little confusing.  If your child wants to buy breakfast in the morning, they must go FIRST THING when they enter the building, before they even come to the classroom.  They go through the cafeteria serving line and then bring the food down to the r...

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent July 25th 2017

Good morning families.  I hope you all had a great summer!  I really, truly did plan to have a class gathering this summer, but the summer got away from me.  Now here we are about ready to start a new school year!  I'm excited to meet my new students, but, of course, I will miss everyone from last year.  Please tell your child that I look forward to seeing them in the halls, and that I will come down to their 2nd grade room to say hello.   Good luck in 2nd grade.  I know you will...

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent May 10th 2017

Some End of the Year Info: [*]_Field Trip Lunches_: Make sure you send a lunch with your child on Friday. [*]_Chaperones_: Make sure your Criminal History Form and field trip money are turned in by tomorrow (Thursday.)  Also, on Friday, please arrive at school around 8:45.  We'll be leaving school at 9:00. [*]_Spelling_: Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last spelling test of the year. [*]_Quizzes_: We will have math and language quizzes this Friday and next, but not the last week of school. [*]_Math Te...

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

Sent April 28th 2017

Dear Families,    I have a couple of things to tell you. [*]The field trip is on May 12, not May 5.  Sorry about the confusion. [*]If you chaperone the trip you should send $5 for yourself as well as your child. [*]Kristy Thompson, Drew's mom, wants to send all of you a notice about Teacher Appreciation week.  I didn't want to give out your e-mail without your permission, so I'm giving you hers, and leaving it up to you to contact her for the information.  Her address is: k...

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