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Sent March 21st 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians, *Please send back spring pictures tomorrow with your child! *Anything not returned will have to be purchased. We have 1 more day before spring break! TOMORROW is a make up day so we DO have school but we have no school Friday. We are still learning and pushing hard this last day so please continue to have talks about good behavior. Yesterday and today we learned about finding the mean or average of a set of numbers. We also learned about finding the mode, median, and range. We ...


Sent March 14th 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians, What an interesting week so far. We've had some great days, like today, and a few rough ones. I ask that you please continue to talk to you child about behavior at school and how important it is to create a _safe and respectful environment_ in our school. It has come to my attention that a large portion of students in this class are getting on Snapchat after school and using it innapropriately. It's not every student, but quite a few and it's causing issues at school. Best practice ...

Spring Pictures

Sent March 8th 2018

Parents/Guardians, I need your help. Spring picture packets came in today. These packets contain samples of items you can buy with your child's picture. These packets _must be returned_ OR purchased by March 22nd. I am only going to send home the packets to the students who request the packet come home. Can you please talk with them tonight and let them know if you want them to bring a packet home to look at. I will send the packets home Monday if you would like to look at them. Again, I am only sending packets ho...

Checking In

Sent March 7th 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians, If you have not signed your child's immunization (shots) paper, please please please do so and return it this week. We are the only 5th grade class who has returned ANY so props to those of you who already have. I gave out extra copies today so your child should have the paperwork :) thank you! We have one more day of Istep testing tomorrow. Please ensure your child is getting to bed at a decent time and eating a healthy breakfast.  We have had several behavior issues in the lunchroo...

Book Reports & AR Quizzes

Sent February 28th 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians, Students have a big book report due tomorrow. They will only have about 10 minutes to wrap up and make final changes. Please check in tonight and make sure they have completed their assignment. Some of them might be asking to borrow game pieces from board games at home. I will try my best to remind them to return them to you. As a class, we have not shown the growth in reading that I was hoping for. Starting next Friday we will be taking _2 AR quizzes a month_. They have until March 9th to rea...

Taking Supplies

Sent February 24th 2018

Parents/Guardians, This bucket was overflowing with post it notes at the beginning of the year. I have not had us use this many. Students have been taking supplies and misusing supplies. This is upsetting to me because students are wasting all of our money. This past week I also caught 2 students lying to me. I would appreciate if everyone could have a conversation this weekend about being honest and taking care of things in our room. Also, if they know of someone stealing, lying, or misusing something, I would apprec...

Checking In

Sent February 21st 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians, [*]A quick reminder that tomorrow is Spring Picture Day! All students will get their picture taken and this is the last opportunity for parents to purchase professional pictures for the year. There are NO RETAKE DAYS.  [*]Yearbook order forms are due by March 2nd!!! You can order online or send in money with the envelope. We will have a few extra yearbooks available at the end of the year, but NOT A LOT so I wouldn't plan on waiting to buy yours. [*]Tomorrow we ar...

Checking In

Sent February 15th 2018

Parents and Guardians, It has been yet another successful week in 5th grade! We have been working a lot on getting prepared for the ISTEP testing that is coming up during the week of February 26 and the days that follow that. I will be sure to get you the final dates as our administration finishes the schedule.  In class: [*]In reading, we continued to read George's Secret Key to the Universe /and we will be wrapping the book up Tuesday. We will be having a quiz over the second half of t...

Extra Support (this is a long one)

Sent February 13th 2018

Parents/Guardians, I've had a couple of parents reach out about extra work they can do at home to support their child's growth. I thought I would send this to everyone. We have 3 big areas of need, that I see, in our class. 1. Operations in math 2. Reading - understanding the text and applying the information 3. Writing Paragraphs - writing complete sentences, with correct punctuation and capital letters. MATH - I know that sometimes it is hard to help with math because it's been so long since you've ...

Friend's Day Celebration

Sent February 12th 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians, I realize I haven't sent anything home about having a Friend's Day celebration on Wednesday (2/14). If you would like to send in a card/greeting for _everyone_ in the class, feel free to do so. Lawrence Township is trying to promote a healthy lifestyle so we are trying to stay away from the candy and sweets. I'm not opposed to them being sent in (store bough), but I think a nice alternative would be fruit snacks, small cheez-it packs, gold fish, teddy grahams, or pretzel p...

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