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Checking In

Sent December 7th 2017

Good Evening! What an amazing week we've had! [*]Your children have grown tremendously in their growth with fractions. We now can add and subtract fractions, and are beginning to multiply them. If you need assistance with the modeling homework tonight, please see this video (https://learnzillion.com/lesson_plans/7895-multiply-fractions-by-fractions-using-area-models). It will help. [*]In reading we are summarizing non-fiction texts and determining the main idea. [*]We are beginning to talk about the o...

Checking In

Sent November 16th 2017

Good Afternoon! We've had an awesome week! One more day until Thanksgiving Break. Just a reminder we are out for ALL of next week (11/20-11/24). We are now adding mixed numbers and unlike fractions. Your children have become very successful with this skill. After break we will continue to work on finding the main idea in a text. Any practice on Dreambox that your kids can do would be WONDERFUL. Keep their math skills fresh throughout break.  Just a reminder that we have library tomorrow so please ask your ch...

Adding Fractions

Sent November 13th 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians, Today we started adding unlike fractions, which are fractions that have a different denominator. The denominator is the number on the bottom. This was a new process with multiple steps so I wanted to send a link to a few videos that could help you and your child with homework, if need be. This is our first day of this so be patient with them, _and yourself_, as you practice the problems for homework. https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/fraction-arithmetic/arith-review-add-sub-frac...

Spirit Day - 10/31/17

Sent October 30th 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians, Tomorrow Crestview is observing a spirit day at school! 4-6 grade is dressing up in their favorite sports team attire! We are asking that students please not wear their Halloween costumes. Thank you for your participation in our spirit day! Estimados padres / tutores, ¡Mañana Crestview está observando un día espiritual en la escuela! ¡Los grados 4-6 se disfrazan con su atuendo favorito del equipo deportivo! Les pedimos a los estudiantes que por favor no usen su...


Sent October 27th 2017

Thank you so much for an amazing afternoon! I loved celebrating the success of our students. You being there was a huge pleasure for our kiddos. Even though we all didn't get awards, I told the kids that we are all successful! We are all in this together and your kids are truly embracing that. Let's strive to get get all of our grades up to A's & B's and continue to have excellent attendance. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! ¡Muchas gracias por una tarde increíble! M...

Checking In

Sent October 26th 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians, What an amazing turn out for the musical last night! 19 out of 21 students showed up! A few students were excused, but 90% of everyone else arrived. Thank you so much! We've had a packed week of learning in room 10! Your children worked hard on quoting the author and inferring what the text says. They completed their multiplication test and I am pretty impressed. Onto DIVISION! We should only need a couple more days to finish up our regions research project in social studies. We're hop...

Reminder - Musical

Sent October 24th 2017

Hi Parents/Guardians, Sorry for the late notice, I just got home for the evening. I wanted to remind you that tomorrow night is our 5th grade musical. I look forward to seeing all of you and your children. The program STARTS at 7pm so it would be best if you could be in and seated by 6:50-6:55pm. Parking will probably be hectic. The program is a half an hour long and it is required for your child's music grade. If your child cannot attend you need to write a note or email me in the morning.  Thank you very m...

Checking In

Sent October 19th 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians, I forgot to remind the students today about library tomorrow. Will you please ask them to make sure their library books are in their bags tonight? I appreciate it. We have had an amazing week back from break! We practiced quoting authors, learned to infer (guess) in our reading, continued our work with multiplying whole numbers and decimals, and started research on geographic U.S. regions. I cannot express how happy I am with the positivity and ideas your children bring to our class. We welcom...

Fall Break

Sent October 5th 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians, As we go into our fall break, I wanted to encourage you to let your kids log on to some of our district wide websites for practice over break. It is highly recommended that students try to log onto Lexia a few times over break. I would also recommend that students log onto Dreambox. This is a wonderful website that helps students work on specific math skills. I have assigned a multiplication lesson that will really help students with multi digit problems! Even logging on for an hour over break ...

Important Reminders

Sent September 28th 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians, A couple of important reminders: 1. Tomorrow is our library day so please send books to school with your child. 2. Tomorrow I will be sending home picture order forms. Picture day is October 4th (next Wednesday). 3. Please send back pen pal permission slips soon. We cannot start writing until everyone has returned them. 4. Many students are struggling with the multi digit multiplication. Example: 234 x 25. I would appreciate if you could work with your child. You could watch this video...

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