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Subject: 3-Stevens-Greer 3rd Grade Class Message
Date: December 13th 2017

Hey families! Can you believe we are almost finishing up first semester of 3rd grade? Time is flying!  We have some new assessments to administer in the next week but we are also hoping to have some fun with the students focusing on the difference between "group" and "teams!"  We are wanting to help them see that we can are a group but a team will be much more successful as we help and support each other to achieve a common goal of academic success for all!  

We had a fun idea to make gingerbread houses next Thursday on the last day of school as a "team" activity.  We were hoping to get some donations from families if possible and then we can purchase the rest!  Items needed are:

Boxes of graham crackers

White icing tubs


Different Candies to decorate  (gum drops, skittles, peppermints, M&M's, etc)

Any thing you think could add to an amazing "team" created gingerbread house

Anything you could contribute would be greatly appreciated!  We are excited about winter vacation but have had an amazing first semester with your children!

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