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Date: October 19th 2017

Hello Families!  


Wanted to let you know that the first quarter report cards will be available for you to access in your child's Skyward account beginning tomorrow.  Please take the time to look at these and discuss grades with your child.  If you have questions, please contact us at 317-964-4231, 317-964-4224 or katrenagreer@msdlt.k12.in.us or aliciastevens@msdlt.k12.in.us  We would be happy to chat with you about them.  Also, students receive a completion grade for doing their homework each week and many are failing to do so.  Please help us and help your child by having them do their homework each night. Reading, practicing math facts, doing Lexia and/or Dreambox would benefit them so much.

On another note, we are going to send home a data sheet next week with  your children.  We will send a listserve message out on the day we have them ready.  We have taken quarter 1 district assessments in Language Arts and Math.  The scores weren't amazing.  We didn't count them as a grade towards their report card because we didn't feel like the test was a super accurate reflection of their skills.  We didn't know if it was more a reflection of the first time taking a computerized assessment like this or not.  But we still want to put value into them as they are similar to how IREAD and ISTEP will be for the students in the spring.  We are also taking 3 practice IREAD tests which we will hopefully finish up tomorrow.  The data for those assessments will be included on the data sheet.  If your child has low scores, it's even more important to emphasize reading at home every night.  And not just them reading...make sure you are reading with them, asking them questions, having them prove their answers with text evidence, etc.  They can tell you the skills we are working on or have worked on and you can reiterate them at home. We have worked on main idea and details, asking and answering questions, comparing and contrasting, point of view and character analysis.  They should be able to work on some of these skills while they are reading at home.  

We appreciate your support and would love your continued support with reminding students about staying engaged in learning, not talking so much and actively listening to their teachers and partners during partner work.  These continue to be a challenge! But we are really enjoying being teachers of the kids in this class.  They have amazing potential, we are just trying to help them reach it!  


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