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Date: January 29th 2019

No school tomorrow; however, students went home prepared for learning tomorrow.  We have an 'unofficial' elearning day.  The students and I discussed how this would be a great opportunity to take a look at their grades on Skyward and fix anything they're not happy with.  

Through their Chromebook, they can work on...

Writing & Social Studies:  Go to  Google Classroom, your student could begin on the next writing assignment to be sure your score is to their  liking.  All instructions and resources are on the assignment "Informational Social Studies Writing"  This is the second try at informational writing.  Many students are looking to score much better this time around. By starting a day early, they will have time in class to make vital editing, gaining more points on their score.

Math: Watch chosen Khan Academy videos through Google Classroom. Simplifying fractions, Subtracting fractions with borrowing, and multiplication of fractions are three available videos to review that have practice problems with them.  Students can get immediate feedback. Your student knows if they passed the previous adding and subtracting fractions Learning Log.  If they didn't pass, this would be a great time to review. If they did, check out the multiplication of fractions on a number line practice to see how well they can do without direct instruction. They'll probably be plesantly suprised at their understanding. If they get stuck, there are hints and videos to help.

Science: Students know to go to Gizmo- a science site. They brought home worksheets this evening.  They should try to complete Side 1 and Activity A.

Reading: Independent reading was sent home. Normal homework is 30 minutes a day.

Fun ways to learn: Prodigy or icivics-( I suggest students watch tutorials on icivis before they begin the games. )

This isn't mandatory, just  some suggestions.  Stay warm, have fun and learn something new! 

And as always, thanks so much for sharing your children with us. We enjoy them all.

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