2-Miss Miller’s 2nd Grade Class Message

From: "2-Miss Miller’s 2nd Grade Class" <donnamiller@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: 2-Miss Miller’s 2nd Grade Class Message
Date: August 22nd 2016

Good afternoon,

Today was a great start to our week.  WE are in getting into each subject area, and really starting to dig deep into what we need to know.  Keep reading each night with your child and going over math facts.  WE are working on knowing our doubles (6+6) and our near doubles (6+5).  Kowning our doubles will help us solve other math facts.  WE started today finding the nearest 10.  Students need to know the following facts in order to help with the lesson.  So, if you have extra time this week ask your child what numbers when added together equal 10?

Students should say:

1+9, 9+1, 2+8, 8+2, 3+7, 7+3, 4+6, 6+4, and 5+5

Hope everyone has a good night and a good week!

If you need anything just let me know

Donna Miller

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