6th Grade Celebration

From: "6-Ms. McClarnon's & Mr. Story's 6th Grade Class" <alisonmcclarnon@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: 6th Grade Celebration
Date: May 25th 2018

On Wednesday, May 30th,  6th graders will be celebrating their last day of school with an awards ceremony and cookout.   Parents are welcome to come celebrate with us beginning at 9:30 with the awards.  We will then be heading outside for students to mingle and sign their alumni t-shirts.  Families can participate up until our lunchtime, at 11:30.  If you wish to volunteer with the cookout or afternoon activities, please let us know.  I will put you in contact with our PFA.  

Thank you for a fantastic school year, and sharing your child with us.  It has been a great year.  

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