January 22

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Subject: January 22
Date: January 22nd 2019

Hello Families!  I hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend.  We have been working hard getting into our Quarter 3 work.

If you haven't had a chance to do so, please make it a habit to check your child's Skyward grades.  This is the easiest way to gage how well your child is doing in class. The 2nd Quarter report cards were posted online.  If you have difficult finding those grades, let us know and we will be glad to help. 

In our ELA/Humanities block we are in a unit centered around argumentative writing.  Therefore, we are reading and looking at author's perspective and evaluating their claims in articles related to teens and technology.  

Please encourage your child to keep up with their reading logs.  They were due on Friday and I am still missing about 15.  This semester, students have a 2 week reading log, and are required to take an Accelerated Reader assessment to prove their comprension on the book they completed over those two weeks.  It was noted that a lot of students were not actually completing their reading logs, or "pretend" reading.  It also teaches students to stick with a book from cover to cover.  Students were reading a little of numerous books, and therefore didn't have an opportunity to comprehend the entire story structure.  

They will be given new vocabulary words this week, and the test and homework will be do next Friday, the 1st of February.

In math, students are working on Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple.  Also, they are looking at finding the volument of a rectangular prism.  

If your child is taking home their chromebooks, please be sure they are using it for academic use.  We are noticing a lot of students coming in with dead chromebooks in the morning, however they are behind on online classwork.  One of the biggest things we are trying to teach the students this year is PRIORITIES.  We shouldn't be choosing watching videos and playing games, if we haven't yet met our academic goals. Any support you can give to help instill this in your child would be much appreciated. 

Please be on the lookout for information regarding a King's Island trip for students who are showing academic and behavioral excellence this semester. We will be sending home a contract in the next week or so highlighing the expectations for attending the trip. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  Thanks for your help and support! 

Alison McClarnon and Keith Story

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