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Subject: P/T Conference Schedule
Date: September 12th 2018

It looks like there might be some compatibility issues downloading the schedule, so I just copied it below.  Sorry!

Monday Sept. 17

12:00-Theus Madison

12:15 -Kuron Downing

12:30 -Sol Jimenez

12:45- Erika Norris (phone)

1:00- Robert Clark

1:15- Dallas Cathey

1:30- Landon Mays

1:45-James Craig

2:00- Haylie Schmidt

2:15-Jordan Penick

2:30- Dennis Jones (phone)

2:45- Amya Hull

3:00 - Damyla Smith

3:30 -Dennis Gills (phone)

3:45 - Gianluca Reyes

4:00- Olivia Smith

4:15-Steven Moore

4:30- Emon’e Hatchett

4:45 - Sydney Long

5:30- Tisha Reynolds

5:45-Ismael Cuatlacuatl-Xique

6:00-Azariah Geralds

6:15-Leo Tlaxca-Tlatoa

6:30-Nicholas Mosley 6:45 - Jaedyn Stockett

7:00-Latwan Wellington

Wednesday - 3:00- Zayda Vandever (phone)

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