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Subject: 1-Miss Madia's 1st Grade Class Message
Date: April 2nd 2018

Week of April 2-6

Welcome back!  We are in the final stretch of the year.  The final grading period has begun and as we start looking forward to the end of the school year there are a few things to remember:
1) School starts PROMPTLY at 8:00.  Our day starts with math and it is important for your student to be here and participating in the lesson.  Each time a child walks through our door late, we have to stop our day to get yor student started on his/her day.  It starts your student's day on the wrong foot, and it is a disruption to the others in our class.

2) Fry words are in your child's binder.  These are specific to yiour student and shoudl be practiced each night.

3) Nightly assignments can be found in your student's assignment notebook.  If there's ever a discrepency- this is a good place to check first.

4) On Thursday, April 5 we are taking our field trip.  Due to the short nature of our trip, volunteers are not needed on this trip.

Let's make this a great end to our school year!

Kate Madia
First Grade Teacher

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