From: "5-Ms. Huskisson’s 5th Grade Class" <jessicahuskisson@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: Updates!
Date: March 21st 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please send back spring pictures tomorrow with your child! Anything not returned will have to be purchased.

We have 1 more day before spring break! TOMORROW is a make up day so we DO have school but we have no school Friday. We are still learning and pushing hard this last day so please continue to have talks about good behavior.

Yesterday and today we learned about finding the mean or average of a set of numbers. We also learned about finding the mode, median, and range. We will continue this somewhat after break. Here are some practice problems http://www.commoncoresheets.com/oat.php?oattype=Math/Median,%20Mode,%20Range/Finding%20Mean       http://www.commoncoresheets.com/oat.php?oattype=Math/Median,%20Mode,%20Range/Finding%20Mode

After break we are going to start reading a book about real life superheros. Should be a pretty fun, interesting read. We've planned some fun activities. 

I will try to send an update over break to give you information about the upcoming weeks :) thank you for all of your support! Have a wonderful spring break!

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