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Subject: 6-Miss Hennessy's 6th Grade Class Message
Date: September 11th 2017

Hello 6th Grade Families!


Just a few quick announcments.  First, I wanted to tell you about a new Friday prodeedure that we started last week.  Every Friday, your student will come home with their red Friday Folder.  This will contain graded papers, important announcements, and students weekly behavior charts.   Students should return the folders on Monday with the appropriate things signed. 

On Friday I sent home communication about parent teacher conferences.  Conference take place this year on Monday, September 18th from 11:30 am until 7:00 pm.  So your child will not have school that day.  I have received several of these forms back already.  If you have not seen this paper yet, please ask for it from your child.  

We are starting new units this week in both reading and math.  In reading we are starting Unit 2 of our work with Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.  In math we are starting Topic 2: Integers and Rational Numbers. 

Just a reminder that reading logs and behavior charts are due on Mondays signed.  

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or conerns.  I look forward to meeting you all again next week!


Have a wonderful evening, 

Kellie Hennessy



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