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Subject: 4-Mrs. Chamber’s 4th Grade Class Message
Date: December 10th 2017

Good Afternoon 4th Grade Familiesheart

     I am glad we don't have the weather conditions that they do in Buffalo, New York where the Colts played in a blizzard!!!!

     I hope you all had a restful weekend.  We have '2' weeks to go until Christmas Break for 2 weeks.  BOTH weeks are really important to your child's education.  I will take grades in both week.  Please make sure that you are helping your student with his or her homework every evening and helping them study for tests on Thursday evening.  Tomorrow, graded papers will come home for you to sign and look over.  Please make sure that you go over mistakes and have your student write down and work out the mistake on paper.  Then, your student needs to turn them into me on Tuesday so that I am aware that you saw your child's learning.  Thank you.  Two of the grades posted are on Pearson , so you can get online with your child and take the time to look at their answers and see the correct answer and go over their thinking.  Not many students are doing Dreambox and Lexia on the weekend anymore.  I cannot stress enough how important that it is for your child to do each at least on the weekend if not during the week at home as well.  These two programs will help your child close their learning gap and help them become smarter.  

     Have a blessed week.

     Felicia Chambers

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