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Subject: 4-Mrs. Chamber’s 4th Grade Class Message
Date: October 15th 2017

Happy 2nd Quarter 4th Grade Familiessmiley

     I hope that all of you had an enjoyable week off together to relax and have fun.  I know I did! This week will be normal.  There will be homework Monday thru Thursday and quizzes on Friday.  Assignments need to be done accurately by you checking them, and notebooks need to be signed so that I know you as a parent are looking at your child's work.  

    On Thursday, I will send home your child's data folder so that they can communicate with you their progress in the first quarter.  Please look at everything, and then send the folder back with all the data in it.  Report cards are online this year; however, I will send home the first quarter report card for you to sign and see.  I fear some families may not have the internet.  Then the data folder and report card needs to be returned on Friday.  

     The second quarter goes faster and is more difficult, so your child needs to study more and be more accurate by listening to my lessons and be able to respond at the end of each lesson what they learned.  I look forward to being with all the kids this second quarter.  We have a great classsmiley

God's blessings,

Felicia Chambers

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