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Date: September 3rd 2018

Good Evening 4th grade familiesheart

     I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend with family and friends.  I was able to be with many family members this weekend.  This week, our class will be focused on looking at our performance data so far this quarter.  We will look at the online Place value test on Pearson and discuss mistakes made.  We will discuss the fact that everyone should have scored 75% or higher on the math test.  Then we will look at the reading online renaissance test we took Friday as well.

     I will send home graded papers tomorrow.  Please go over the papers with your child and discuss the mistakes made and what answer was correct and why.  Also, please make sure you are checking your child's homework every night.  I am seeing math homework coming back all wrong which tells me that some parents are not taking the moment to be their child's second teacher.  This has to happen.  

     We are reading literary nonfiction and nonfiction pieces discussing the different text features and how they help us understand what we are reading.  In math this week , we will be working on addition of large numbers and subtraction of larger numbers.  Accuracy is a must.  By analyzing students' tests, I am realizing that even though I am reading all tests to students, they are not "thinking" and staying focused while testing and just choosing random answers the longer they test.  It is so important that you work with your child on their stamina to sit still and do their homework and sit still and read and stay focused.  Accuracy depends upon it.

     I am also sending home letters about you choosing conference times for you, me , and your child to meet  and discuss strengths , weaknesses, challenges, and accomplishments.  Please choose 3-5 times, and I will send home a slip with your assigned time later this week.  Thank  you so much for your participation.

     We are working on "self-regulation" in the classroom.  Does your child have the self-control to stay focused at length on schoolwork?  Can  your child recognize when they are off task and refocus themselves?  Can your child control his/her emotions to stay focused on work?  If not, can they use the strategies of deep breathing and relaxing their body to help them get refocused?  Do they feel an urgency to come to school to learn?  All of these things must take place for your child to be successful in the fourth grade classroom.  What can you practice at home to help your child with self-regulation?  Thank you for your support.

     This Saturday, we have "Jammin' on the lawn"  4-8.   I hope everyone has a great week.

God's blessings,

Felicia Chambers

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