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Date: August 26th 2018

Good evening 4th grade Familiesheart

     I hope your weekend was a restful one.  On Monday, tomorrow, I will be sending home another set of graded papers. Please make sure you look over them with your student and explain the problems missed.  Then, please sign the papers so that I know you have seen them.   Your child will then bring them back home tomorrow evening.   Thank you.

     Please make sure that you go over how important listening and thinking while listening to lessons is to your child's learning and discuss the results being grades.  This week and every week, what is taught during the week will be quizzed on Friday.  This week we begin our second book together called "Mary Anning".  With the last and this book, the Ocean is the setting, so we will be doing two stem inquiries this week in Science about waves.  Make sure you ask your child about them.  The scientific investigation process will be emphasized.  

     On Friday, we took a quiz over the first book read together as a class called Porpoises In Peril.  Have your child share the characters, setting and plot.  Then they can sign in to the portal and choose Pearson and click on Language /Reading and Porpoise and Peril Test and look over their grade and which problems the missed.  Please go over each problem that was missed and explain the difference between the right answer and your child's answer.  We will be going over them as a class this week.  The last question involves writing complete sentences and answering the question correctly and providing one sentence from the story that supports their answer.  Only one student got a 2 out of 2.  One of the reasons was that answers were not written in complete sentences that made sense.  Another reason is that hardly anyone used a sentence from the story to support their answer even though we have done that every day in reading since we began and I read over this question and reminded them of what they should include.

      My goal this week is to have better listeners and writers.  Have a blessed week.

God's blessings,

Felicia Chambers

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