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Subject: 4-Mrs. Chamber’s 4th Grade Class Message
Date: April 20th 2018

Happy Friday 4th grade Familiesheart

     I wanted to update you.  Tuesday begins Round #2 of ISTEP.  I told the students that they need to be in bed and get plenty of sleep starting Sunday night so they are extra rested for Tuesday.  Please make sure that your child is well rested for each of the following tests:  Tues. - Math,  Wed.  Math,  Thurs. Math, Fri. Reading, Mon. Reading, Tues. Language, Wed. 2 Science tests.  This round of Istep is worth much more than the first round, so we need your child to come in calm, confident, and well-rested.  You will receive in the mail in June an envelope from the Indiana Department of Education giving you a sheet that shows you how to log in and see the results of 4th grade ISTEP.  3rd grade scores will also be on there.  So you can compare for growth.  There will be no homework next week.  I do ask that your child get on Dreambox and Lexia this weekend, next weekend, and all next week to keep closing learning gaps and pushing forward for new growth.  Graded papers will come home next week to be signed.  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

God's Blessings,

Felicia Chambers

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