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Subject: 4-Mrs. Chamber’s 4th Grade Class Message
Date: March 19th 2018

Dear 4th grade familiesheart

     I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break.  I wish safe travels if you are heading out, and hope those that are staying have a great time.  

I will be staying and help move my father up to Indianapolis and my son and his wife down to Indianapolis from Fort Wayne!

     Tonight, please sign the graded papers sent home which were the last of quarter 3.  Today started quarter 4.  We go to school through Thursday.  No grades will be taken this week; however, we are taking township assessments and reviewing for Istep.  They will have homework Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening.  Please make sure that over break your children get on Lexia and Dreambox a little to keep their minds going.  I am sending home a lunch slip for you to fill out tomorrow about our golf outing the first day we get back after Easter.  Please dress your child appropriately on that day because we will be outside all day no matter what.  You may have your child bring their own lunch or get a lunch from school.  We just need to know a count.  When we come back to school after break, I will expect all students to be respectful and working hard and following directions because they know by now what is expected.  There won't be chances anymore.  During the last eight weeks, homework and everything will be as normal except for Istep week in late April.   

Have a blessed week.

Felicia Chambers

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