Weekly Update 8/22-8/26

From: "4-Ms. Andrew’s 4th Grade Class" <courtneyandrews@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: Weekly Update 8/22-8/26
Date: August 22nd 2016

Good evening families,

Below and attached you will find resources aimed at extending your child's education at home.

1) You will find a copy of this week's DMR/DVR attached to this email. This document is a daily math and language/vocabulary review aimed at helping your child go over previously learned skills. Please feel free to use the attached DMR/DVR document as practice/study material at home. If you are unable to print from home, I have several extra copies made in advance.

2) Last Friday's quizzes are graded and will come home on Tuesday, August 23. Please contact me if you do not receive your child's graded papers.

3) In Math we continue with place value. The student's learning goal for this week is to read and write multi-digit whole numbers up to the hundred thousands using standard, expanded, and word form AND use a place value chart to explain the relationship between adjacent digits in a multi-digit number. (For example, the thousands place is ten times greater than the hundreds place.)

4) In Reading, we are continuing to learn the workshop procedures and expectations. The students' learning goal remains to explain their responsibilities as a reader during reading workshop using a list or flowchart.

5) In Science, our class is studying the brain and its jobs. Students will learn this week how the 5 senses help the brain gain information about our surroundings.

6) In Writing, we've begun talking about the writing process and procedures. This week's learning goal is for students to use a list to brainstorm during the prewriting stage.

7) Please be sure to check and sign your child's assignment notebook for their homework by Friday. Every student was and will be given a weekly behavior chart to be signed over the weekend.

8) Lastly, mark your calendars for Back-to-School night on September 8 @ 6pm.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call 964-4200. Thank you so very much for your participation in your child's education!

Happy helping, Miss Andrews

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