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1-Miss Madia's 1st Grade Class

Miss Madia's Class News and Information

1-Miss Madia's 1st Grade Class Message

December 3rd 2018

Parents: ​I wanted to make you aware that I will not be in this week from Wednesday to Friday as I am having surgery and will need time to recover.  Our building sub will be covering my room- she has been in to observe how I do things in our room so she can follow our routine as close as possible.  I have left very detailed plans, however, please know that there will most likely be some changes, and some things that are changed in our day. ​I will check e-mail, so if you have any concerns or questions- pleas ...Continue Reading

1-Mrs. Koch’s 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Koch’s 1st Grade Class


October 25th 2017

Morning Parents, I just wanted to let you know all grades taken last week are online for your viewing.  We do some participation grades for different areas that are posted, so you can see if your child is participating in our activites.  I will try to have each weeks grades posted by the Tuesday after that week.  Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Mrs. Koch ...Continue Reading

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Miller’s 2nd Grade Class

1-Mrs. Miller’s 1st Grade Class Message

May 1st 2018

Hi families! Well, I know the kids will let you know when they get home, but I wanted to officially tell you that my daughter is on her way to the hospital to have her baby!!  I'll be gone Wednesday-Monday. I sent all of this week's homework yesterday, so the kids can turn it in any time this week, or even Monday.  I'll check it in when I return on Tuesday.  Next week, there will be no homework, but everything else will progress as normal, except that spelling and sight words will come home on Tuesday ...Continue Reading

1-Mrs. North’s 1st Grade Class

Mrs. North’s 1st Grade Class

1-Mrs. North’s 1st Grade Class Pajama Day

November 30th 2017

Hi Families! Our class has earned a Compliment Bingo reward by receiving compliments from teachers and staff at Crestview. Tomorrow your child is allowed to wear his or her pajamas to school. Please make sure that the pajamas have a top and a bottom (no nightgowns.) Your child must also wear regular shoes. Slippers are not allowed at school. Way to go Room 29 students for earning those compliments!!  ...Continue Reading

2-Miss Miller’s 2nd Grade Class

Miss Miller's Class News and Information

2-Miss Miller’s 2nd Grade Class Message

October 4th 2016

Good afternoon everyone, I am sending home conference slips.  At the top it will have the day and time of your child's conference.  Below you will see a part that needs to be filled out and signed by you.  Please mark if the time you are scheduled fits or doesn't.  I tried to give everyone the time the requested or a time near what they requested.  Please send the slip back tomorrow!!  If changes need to be made, I will make them to fit our schedule.  Thank you for everything Miss ...Continue Reading

2-Mrs. Losee’s 2nd Grade Class

Mrs. Losee’s 2nd Grade Class

2-Mrs. Losee’s 2nd Grade Class Room 22 News

September 15th 2017

Hello Room 22 Families!  I have a couple quick reminders.  There is no school for students on Monday, September 18, due to Parent/Teacher Conferences. The Book Fair is now open.  Our class will go on Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend!  I'll see you for our Parent/Teacher conference on Monday! Thanks,  Lorri Losee ...Continue Reading

2-Mrs. Stone's 2nd Grade Class

Mrs. Stone's 2nd Grade Class

2-Mrs. Stone's 2nd Grade Class Conferences

September 15th 2017

Good afternoon! Please remember that Parent-Teacher conferences are on Monday.  There is NO SCHOOL for students on this day.  Please make sure that you are on time for your scheduled time.  Can't wait to see you all on Monday!  Have a good weekend! Ms. Stone ...Continue Reading

2-Ms. Allen's 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Allen's Class News and Information


September 30th 2016

Good Afternoon families, I just wanted to let you know that I sent home today the conference times.  I was able to stay within eveyones time availibility.  Please just fill out the bottom and return that portion to me by Wednesday.  Have a great weekend! Rhonda Allen ...Continue Reading

3-Mrs. Ulrey’s 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Ulrey’s 3rd Grade Class

Reminders for this week

October 5th 2015

Hello Families, Just a reminder parent teacher conferences will be held Monday, October 19th. Students will not have school. I have sent home a sheet with the time slot that I have your conference scheduled. If that time does not work for you please let me know. We can work together to meet at another time. Remember our goal is 100% attendance. Also keep a lookout for report cards. These will be sent home with your child on Friday afternoon. Have a great week! Kelsey Pope ...Continue Reading

3-Mrs. Zelaya’s 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Zelaya's Class News and Information

3-Mrs. Zelaya’s 3rd Grade Class Message

February 11th 2017

Hello families!  We will have a Valentine exchange on Tuesday. If students participate we ask that they bring enough for everyone in the class. Following is a list of students in the class.  Kennedy, Riley, Owain, Caitlyn, Ollie, Breezy, Natalie, Luis, Ramya, Bria, Londyn, Nate P., Nate T., Baden, Liam, Angelica Feel free to email with any further questions.  ...Continue Reading

3-Ms. Miller’s 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Miller's Class News and Information

Ms. Miller's Class Update 9/7/17

September 7th 2017

Good Morning Families!! Please remember that Parent/Teacher Conferences are Monday, September 18th. There will be no school this day. If you have not already turned in your form for time choices, please do so before tomorrow! I will be sending home time conformations next Monday. Spelling words will resume next week! Whenever we have a short week, we will not have spelling words. Also, for clarification... The spelling test is graded for correct spelling AND correct formation of letters. The first several spellin ...Continue Reading

3-Stevens-Greer 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Stevens' and Ms. Greer's Class News and Information

3-Stevens-Greer 3rd Grade Class Message

May 29th 2018

Happy Last 2 Days of School!!! Can you believe it?  We are really getting sad to say good-bye to these amazing kiddos!  It's been a great year in 3rd grade and they have grown so much. They are more than ready for 4th grade!  Do a lot of reading, practicing math skills and math facts over the summer so they don't forget all that they have learned.  They also have learned so many other skills such as leadership, getting along, perservering through difficult tasks and times, motivating and encouraging ...Continue Reading

4-Miss Nelis’ 4th Grade Class

Miss Nelis’ 4th Grade Class

4-Miss Nelis’ 4th Grade Class Message

October 20th 2017

Hi families! Just a reminder that report cards will NOT be printed. Grades for Term 1 were posted in Skyward this morning. Please let me know if you have any questions. Students should be able to log into Skyward with their login information. They have access to their grades, as well! The 4th grade Honor Roll Ceremony will take place on Friday, October 27th at 8:15am. Have a great weekend! Miss Nelis ...Continue Reading

4-Mrs. Chamber’s 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Chamber’s 3rd Grade Class

4-Mrs. Chamber’s 4th Grade Class Message

November 26th 2018

Good evening families. I am writing to tell you that I will not be at school tomorrow. I would appreciate you talking to your child to be on his or her best behavior tomorrow . My father was rushed to the hospital this afternoon with terminal kidney cancer. I wanted to make you all aware. Felicia Chambers ...Continue Reading

4-Mrs. Rushing’s 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Rushing's Class News and Information

4-Mrs. Rushing’s 4th Grade Class Message

April 28th 2016

Good Evening, There are some volunteer opportunities coming up, and I wanted to share them with you!  Please see below, and follow the links to sign up! Thanks, Vickie Rushing Hi! Here are the end of the year events the Crestview PFA is doing for our students!  Please come and help!  If the link is not "live", just highlight and paste it into your browser. 1. Tuesday, May 10 (6:30-7:30) - Next Crestview PFA meeting- please let us know you are attending!  (you of course can still come, ...Continue Reading

4-Ms. Andrew’s 4th Grade Class

Ms. Andrew's Class News and Information

Field Trip Reminder

September 27th 2017

Good evening, Please open the attached document for information regarding our field trip tomorrow. Thank you, Miss Andrews ...Continue Reading

5-Miss Sankey’s 5th Grade Class

Miss Sankey's Class News and Information

5-Miss Sankey’s 5th Grade Class Up and Coming!

November 11th 2016

Hello all!  This coming week will be our last full week before Thanksgiving break. As usual we will be doing our spelling and vocabulary tests, as well as daily math and language reviews. A few reminders: behavior sheets and reading logs should always be signed and returned each Monday. We are currently in our second unit of study in both math and language arts. Practice and review work will be sent home so everyone can stay up to date with our lessons! We are doing a spirit week to support United Way, including ...Continue Reading

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class

5-Mrs. Murphy’s 5th Grade Class Message

January 29th 2019

No school tomorrow; however, students went home prepared for learning tomorrow.  We have an 'unofficial' elearning day.  The students and I discussed how this would be a great opportunity to take a look at their grades on Skyward and fix anything they're not happy with.   Through their Chromebook, they can work on... Writing & Social Studies:  Go to  Google Classroom, your student could begin on the next writing assignment to be sure your score is to their  liking.  All ins ...Continue Reading

5-Ms. Huskisson’s 5th Grade Class

Ms. Huskisson's Class News and Information

Found Lanyard & Keys

July 2nd 2018

Hello! I came into the school today and I found a lanyard and keys, most likely belonged to a girl. It's a Las Vegas heart lanyard, hello kitty key chain, polka dot key, brown key, Wendy's frosty keychain, green spoiled lanyard attached, and a pink & silver Las Vegas bear. Attaching pictures to this email never works so if you want a picture, please email me and I can send you one. Thank you! I miss all of your babies. ...Continue Reading

5-Ms.McCord’s 5th Grade Class

Ms. McCord's Class News and Information

6-Miss Hennessy's 6th Grade Class

MissHennessy's 6th Grade Class

6-Miss Hennessy's 6th Grade Class Message

September 6th 2018

Hello Families! I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.   It’s time for parent/teacher conferences! I will be holding conferences on Monday, September 17th from 10:30 - 4:00 pm.  Please use the following information to login online and choose time that works best for you! To pick a time slot, enter this link in your internet browser:  https://ptcfast.com/parentlogin.php At that link, you will be asked for your Entry Code, where you should enter   TF71236220 These directions came home o ...Continue Reading

6-Ms. Gavit’s 6th Grade Class

Ms. Gavit's Class News and Information

6-Ms. Gavit’s 6th Grade Class Message

September 2nd 2016

Newsletter Welcome to 6th grade.  We are off to a great start with a really good group.  We started the year with a lot of work on building our Ubuntu spirit.  The students have worked in teams to complete tasks and solve problems all while building group skills and community. I hope your child shared with you their Olympic project.  The students worked on research skills and making and supporting claims as they investigated “High Tech Olympics - Better Athletes or Better Technology” and “The Oly ...Continue Reading

6-Ms. Isenhart

Ms. Isenhart's class news and information

6-Ms. McClarnon's & Mr. Story's 6th Grade Class

Ms. McClarnon’s & Mr. Story's 6th Grade Class

May Announcements

May 8th 2019

Can you believe that May is already here?  This school year has flown by.  Our class has finished up ILEARN testing.  Thank you so much for having them to school on time and ready for testing.  We truly appreciate it.   I wanted to give you some details about our upcoming important dates: May 21-  Pinewood Derby.  Students started working on designing a car that will be raced on this day.  Students will cut, paint and decorate their cars at school. Part of their project is ...Continue Reading

Crestview Art

Crestview Art Department News and Information

Crestview Art Message

October 28th 2014

I look forward to seeing your child in the 1st grade art club, starting on October 29. The students will meet in the gym and I will pick them up to go to the art room. Remember, parents are responsible to pick up their child at 3:30 in the front of the school. Thank you, Jane Dobson Crestview Art Teacher ...Continue Reading

Crestview Clinic

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Crestview Communication Class

Crestview Communication Class News and Information

Crestview Communication Class Have a great Summer Break.

May 29th 2015

It has been a pleasure teaching your child this year in communication class.  Have a great summer. ...Continue Reading

Crestview Music

Crestview Music News and Information

Crestview MusicMessage from Mrs. Rauschenbach

January 22nd 2015

Dear Families, I am writing to invite your child to join the advanced recorder club, which meets on Wednesdays!  Your child was with me before winter break, and I would love to have them join me for a second session.  Please look for a permission slip.  I would love to have them!  Please call with any questions. Mrs. Rauschenbach ...Continue Reading

Crestview Physical Ed

Crestview Physical Ed News and Information

Test Message

September 11th 2014

This is just a test. Repeat this is just a test ...Continue Reading

sped-Mrs. Kortman’s Class

Mrs. Kortman's Class News and Information

sped-Mrs. Kortman’s Class Message

February 2nd 2018

_Room 25 News!_ Dear Families, We have started off very well for the 2nd semester. Students are currently in the first round of ISTAR testing. They are doing their personal best and I am proud of them! Please remember _we will have school on February 16th and March 22nd_ as these will be make up days from the days that were cancelled due to weather. We will have a Friendship Party on February 14th! More information is coming! Our monthly February ULS unit is a history unit titled Cultures Influence Communities. We ...Continue Reading

sped-Mrs.Berry’s Class

Mrs. Berry’s Class News and Information

Welcome Message

September 2nd 2017

Hi Families!  Thank you for signing up for List Serve!  This is great tool for me to communicate to all families about important class and school news.  I enjoyed meeting many of my new students’ families and seeing returning students’ families during our Together on Tuesday or Back to School night events.  Your time and attendance at these events are greatly appreciated.   It is hard to believe but the first month of school is complete!!  I have truly enjoyed getting to know the students ...Continue Reading

sped–Mrs. Wheeler's Class

Mrs. Wheeler’s Class News and Information

sped–Mrs. Wheeler's Class Message

August 11th 2016

Hello families! The school year has gotten off to a great start and everyone is falling into the schedule fairly well. This year we will focus on Core Vocabulary. Core vocabulary is a small set of 400-500 words that make up 80% of what we say, write, hear or read throughout our lifetime. This includes pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, question words, and more. Some examples are again, help, that, out, have, put and what. Core vocabulary is required to communicate effectively and to move beyond only req ...Continue Reading